Two Frequently Asked Questions about Superannuation in Australia

Australian employers are required by law to deduct a pre-set percentage of each employee's earnings for the particular work period and deposit this money into a superannuation fund meant for the employee's retirement. The minimum rate of deduction is set by the government and can change in accordance with the prevailing economic situation in the country, among other factors. The article below provides answers to two frequently asked questions about superannuation in Australia. [Read More]

3 Questions To Ask When Hiring An Accounting Firm

There is great importance attached to the work done by accounting professionals. Accounting professionals are exposed to highly sensitive financial information about the organizations that they work for. They also get to handle huge sums of money on behalf of their respective organizations. It is for this reason that any serious commercial entity should strive to hire only the best accounting professionals. This article discusses three questions you should ask before you hire the services of an accounting firm. [Read More]