4 Ways a Business Accountant Can Help Your Startup Enterprise Grow

Time is money, but sometimes, small business owners might not have either to spare. While there are several things you can handle on your own with helpful tips from online tutorials, there are others you might be risking without professional help. 

Working with a business accountant allows you to channel your time and effort into what you're exemplary at, receive financial advice and benefit from professional accounting expertise. There are many other beneficial ways a business accountant can help your startup enterprise grow, including:

Advises on the Best Ways to Structure Your Business 

As your business expands, some legal structures that worked for you previously might no longer be viable today. A business accountant analyses the pros and cons of each business structure, evaluating its tax-saving and non-financial considerations. The expert can also offer insight into the feasibility of running your business as a sole proprietor, partnership or limited entity. 

Tests Growth Options with Break-Even Analyses 

A business accountant can assist you in establishing a budget and forecasting reporting. The accountant will guide you in setting targets you should achieve within twelve months and utilise simple charts and graphs to determine if your plan is attainable. That will help you make prudent growth decisions.

Using these reports, you can determine how fixed costs like rent and variable costs like labour compare with your sales volume over specific periods. As such, you can discern if seasonality and market conditions, among other factors, might have any influence. Having an idea of periodic expenses and revenue over time helps you design a break-even analysis that provides a better view of market conditions required for profitable growth. 

Creates and Maintains Cash Flow Projections

A healthy startup business should have a healthy cash flow stream. Business accountants can analyse your cash flow and get it under control. If you need cash in hand, you must understand how the money flows in and out of your business. That means getting cash flow statements and projections prepared by a professional accountant can offer up-to-the-minute information about your business performance and growth. 

Utilises Cutting-Edge Technology

Today, technology is changing how businesses run their day-to-day activities. Business accountants use modern technology and software to automate accounting tasks. They advise you on the benefits of adopting automated cloud-based accounting solutions for your business. 

Besides, they can assist your small business in effectively automating mundane, low-impact tasks to allow you to focus on the most meaningful aspects of your business. In turn, this helps boost the overall productivity of your business. 

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